domenica 21 giugno 2009

The final meeting at Trebisacce

Dearest friends,

It was wonderful being part of this Comenius team. It was our first project and we learnt a lot , especially our students who had the chance to leave Italy and see what other European countries look like: your school, your town, your language , your people. Everything has been a terrific experience that they will cherish for ever!!!
We are happy you enjoyed the time you spent at Trebisacce and hope to work again with all of you!!!
Here is the interview that the national TV channel RAI 3 made to you when you were preparing the Comenius dinner.
Love you all,
Teresa , Mimmo

venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

The dish for Trebisacce meeting

" Bites of breast of duck filled with salmon topped with cuttle fish and Venus rice over a basil sauce served with maize wafer". This is the dish we are going to make for Comenius dinner!!
Doesn't it look mouth watering?

The recipes we elaborated so far in Italian language

martedì 23 dicembre 2008

Great time at making Comenius dinner for the students

Students socialized with the other students working together in the kitchen for the Comenius dinner but also finding time to go around the town and have fun talking in French , English, Italian to start friendships.
They all had great time there with the other partner students!! They hope some of the new friends come to Italy for the meeting!!!!!!
That's what they said about their Comenius experience :

Fabiana:" It was a wonderful was the first time out of school where I met other students, the Italian students from Soverato, La Spezia and of course the French students. We had great time and we did many things together!!! We socialized and had fun ! The school is very different from our is very nice and have nice equipment!!!!
Giovanna: " The town is very nice and we had fun with the Italian girls at the hotel....we didn't sleep much..... The French students are very nice....the boys are good looking !!!
Lorenzo: " This is my first time !!! nice experience! we spoke a little French but they know also a little English!!! The girls are very nice!!! Hope they come to Trebisacce for the final meeting!!!
Pino and Rocco" we loved to be in Montauban...but we loved to meet the other students...they are very nice!!!!! we went out together and we worked in the kitchen together ! It was a nice time!!
Ana and Chaiba " We are from Ucraina and Morocco and we are very happy we were at Montauban. It was nice....we don't travel much.....It was not difficult for me from Casablanca I learnt French at school! Our families are in Italy for job!!!

Montauban Meeting

The angora breeding farm

The cheese farm

The students at the Marie

The museé des Ingres

The beautiful historical town of Montauban

It was a great time for our students that had the chance to meet the the French and Italian students who were there!

venerdì 7 novembre 2008

The Comenius corner at school

The students have completed the work started in May about each Comenius partner's country. They found news in Italian and then they translated it into the English language. They made posters where there are some information that best represent each partner's country and school.
The whole school community is stopping there and asks information on a given country and if they can come , too, to our meetings. Hopefully this year they will be able to meet all of you in person and give you the warmest welcome!!!